Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sons of Horus Rapier Battery

I owned one of the original rapiers from Rouge Trader days, so I had to pick up the new incarnation. For this model I tried my hand at painting the battery to match the Sons of Horus original colors back when they were Luna Wolves. I chipped the paint using a toothpick, and then followed that with oil washes. The models have a lot of damaged detail. These casts were not very good from FW, but I've had this piece so long returning it was not worth it. A few scratches later and one can hardly tell. Two more Imperial Knights have arrived at my house, so stay tuned for more of them.

Clearly I don't know how to take photographs using the booth! You'll have to imagine these less washed out. :)


  1. Grate work as usual, love your SoH. But what happened to your Knight? Did you post any pictures of it weathered?

    1. Good catch Agis. I did post a few photos of the knight in the 30k forum I haunt.


      I sent GW the high resolution photos and am waiting hopefully that my painting will be judged worthy to be in either of their magazines. Fingers crossed!

    2. Ok, found it, thanks. It looks stunning. I am sure your painting is worthy. Good luck.