Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tallarn Heavy Weapon Teams

Final blending on the soldiers is not complete, but I really wanted to base them. So I did. I found a pack of forgeworld IG stowage, which I'll add to the bases to fill in some of the blank spots. I think that will spice these up quite a bit, as well as let me get some more green on the models.  In the Armies on Parade pictures you'll see how well the yellow complements the blue of the Ultramarines.  I'll have to select only a few of these guys to join the force, since the bases take up so much room.

I had been worried that with only two base styles that the force would look too uniform, but I think all of the extra rubble customizes the bases enough to overcome this.


Do paint a tank today, or do I paint rough riders or Mumaks? I managed to pick up a Malcador on ebay, but I could paint a chimera instead . (or a pair of egg shaped sentinels...forgot about those)


  1. Nice! I really dig how they look on the brickwork bases, those really look sharp!

    I'm really looking forward to seeing how the Mumakil paint up - keep up the great work, mate!

  2. They are looking really nice. But I think you should to something about the breaches on the mortars. Now it looks like there is a lid on them... love you work.

  3. Your Tallarns look great. I especially like the combination of their camo and the urban bases. Maybe you could drill out those weapon muzzles, just to make it perfect. ;)