Saturday, July 28, 2012

Games Day Chicago: Forgeworld doing heresy codexes (updated live)

How cool is it to be sitting in a bar having 40k conversations?
Very cool.
Extremely Cool.
Can't use my words it is so cool.
Community is the best thing about games day. Having the opportunity to sit a bar and strike up conversations you know the whole group is interested in is an absolute blast. Learning about a new player's blood agle force, or geeking out about forge world, it is just a fun way to connect with our community.
I may post throughout the day. I might be having too much fun to post. (did I mention adb is here? Sheer coolness.)

Ok, why is the fact forgeworld is doing heresy codexes, primarchs and other minis not of bell of lost souls. I expect more from them.


  1. I stopped listening when they said they wee doing stand alone 30k codexes!

  2. What would be the chance that I could get you to give me two measurements from your new, fancy Storm Eagle there? I was looking for the overall length and width.

    Ron, FTW

  3. That my friend is a Thunderhawk! I do have a Storm Eagle as well. I'll take the measurements later today.

  4. Well don't I feel like an idiot now.
    Could I have the measurements for both? That would be spectacular!


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