Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Stormtalon WIP 2

On my last post I asked how to configure my Stormtalons. I got some really good advice from gamers almost certainly better than I. The idea of have Stomtalons escort bikes and Land Speeder Storms, sounds like the army I have been trying to figure out how to build but have not been able to make all of the pieces work. The ST brings the needed firepower to make the combined force usable! The idea of two storm talons escorting a full sized bike squad with attached Kosoro, and another storm talon escorting a land speeder storm with 5 scouts on board sound really fun to play.  Add in a drop pod, dread nought, and that thunder fire cannon I have always wanted, and now I have list full of models never seen on the table top!

Back to the model.

I am painting both sets of missiles, even though the image only shows one of them here. I wanted a color test, so I pulled the missiles requiring the least effort to paint. All of the sensors will be red/orange, so the the idea was to use green to add a little bit of discord. I'll have to do a second pass with the base color, and then a lighter color at the tip.

The canopy was the hardest thing for me to paint on this model. (ignore the flaws to the priming of the engine cowlings...that happens to everyone now and then!) One of the problems with the cowling for me is being able to see where to paint. The lines are not distinct, and the thing is clear. Half way through the process, I stopped what I was doing and got out nun oil, and used the wash to settle in the recesses and show me the raised areas. In areas where the wash got too far on to the canopy I just used a brush to sort of erase it away. I'll definitely use this technique on the other two canopies. Trying to eyeball it without the wash is just aggravating.


  1. Great tip about throwing thewashon the glass dude. I will definitely do that!

    Looking great so far, can't wait toseeitfinished.

  2. Yes indeed, this is coming along nicely.
    Ron, FTW

  3. Thanks for all the multiple angle shots BTW. Like many others I was uncertain of the silhouette of the gunship, but now I think I admire the compact brutality of it. It fits the Space Marine ethos to a 'T'.

    The only thing about the model that still bothers me are the landing gear on the turret assembly. I like the landing gear on the tail, but putting the forward weight of the craft on that turret coupling would mess it up so fast. I envision the Techmarines having to swap out dented bearings after every sortie! lol

    On mine I think I'll find a way to extend the front landing gear from the mounting connecting the missile nacelles to the fuselage instead.

    I'm glad that you liked my suggestions on how to field them in an army as well. Just a reminder on the Stormtalon 'Escort' rule though: you can only attach one Stormtalon to escort each unit. You can have another Stormtalon try to reserve outflank with them at the same time but you would have to make a separate reserve and table edge roll.

    Keep up the good work on both your painting and your blog!

  4. One trick I have been looking into is escorting an embarked unit. I can't find anything against it yet, but they will likely FAQ it at some point. You can Escort the Scouts in the LSS with one Stormtalon and use the other Stormtalon to Escort the LSS itself. As they are separate units this does work with the current RAW, but I suspect goes against RAI.

    1. Hmmm...hadn't considered that. They ARE each separate units taking up a FOC slot so technically that is correct. Nice!

      Finally, a benefit for the Landspeeder Storm being a separate Fast Attack choice rather than the dedicated transport it really ought to be.

  5. Good work, this model seems to be quite OK.

  6. This is truly looking great. Thanks for the pics. I'm about to begin painting the two I just purchased.