Sunday, April 3, 2011

Arvus Lighter WIP2

The cockpit details of my arvus lighter are nearing completion. As I've noticed with older FW models, the pilot is not quite up to par with the quality of the newer sculpts. Regardless, I really love this model. It does not feel 40k at all to me though.

Now that most of the paint is on, it is time for me cut out and glue on the clear plastic that will serve as the glass for the model. I have been dreading this part of the build, both for this model and for the lightening bolt. There just seems something wrong about having to makes ones own windshield!

Now, how can I get my hands on the adepticon FW heresy era marine model?


  1. I really like the grey you have achieved. Any chance for a step-by-step tutorial on how you achieved it. I'm really hoping Forge World has the heresy-era marine at the Oz Games Day this year.

  2. The model started out with a black base coat, followed by an air brushing of codex gray/chaos black. The goal of the first coat was to unambiguously change the color from black to dark grey, while leaving back in the recesses. After the base coat, I mixed in more codex grey to the mixture, and carefully airbrushed around all of the panel lines. I followed a similar strategy on it as I did with the thunderbolt, albeit with different colors. After that phase, I weathered the edges with silver and codex grey applied with a blister sponge, and then used a watered down black/dev mud wash around some of the panel lines, and all of the bolts.

  3. Thank you for the explanation, those colors would make a fantastic Grey Knights force!

    As always, keep up the amazing work.