Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Wife And I Are Playing 40k: Weird

My wife wanted to try the game and we are playing. The game is a simple annihilation game with her as Blood Angels pitted against a Chaos war-band led by Typhus. The battlefield is strewn with abandoned imperial guard tanks with a ruined imperial temple in the center. Her entire force is left, while mine consists of a single unit of 5 lessor demons and Typhus leading three terminators. It is rather surreal playing a game of 40k against her.


  1. My girl played me a few times to see what the game was all about. We used the AoBR box set, she wanted to be the Orks. Admittedly, it did feel a little odd, but we had some good fun.

  2. i paused the game, but she will win. I have single 3 man unit of terminators lead by typhus surrounded by 1 full tac squad, 1 assault squad with her captain, and another full assault squad with a sanguinary priest. It is her turn, since I my unit just deep struck, so she has 7 plasma pistols to fire into my unit, 1 melta, followed by 4 powerswords and one powerfist. I think I am toast! I am a little bewildered how poorly it went for chaos.

  3. The Emperor Protects, mate!

    Nice work roping-in your wife - enjoy Christmas!