Monday, June 14, 2010

Storm Wardens Land Raider WIP 2

The LR Crusader is coming along, with much of the basic colors in place. I added all kinds of little skull things on it since the parchment color contrasted so well with the regal blue. I've got some plastic card lightening bolts that I plan to fit into the side panels. I see the whole land raider as representative of the shield. Hopefully the large lightening bolts start pushing this more firmly into Storm Warden territory. One of the things that has been really cool about this project is working with materials that I would never have tried otherwise. I've never even used regal blue, and the plastic card lightening bolts are not something I would normally do either. If I add sponged on battle damage, rust pigments to the tracks, smoke stacks with verdigris, and dust along the tracks I will need only one thing........

What should the name of this Land Raider be? Any ideas? Shorter names are easier to paint!


  1. How about LEX, latin for law, cause it lays it down : D

  2. ultionis, is Latin for revenge

    Snat Cruz Warhammer

  3. Storm of Revenge. in latin of course...
    John maybe you could help me out with the translation there, I don't have my latin dictionary are work :)

  4. Nice, it looks really good.

    As for a name... I really like the above mentioned "Tempest". Landraider Tempest has a very nice ring to it IMO.

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