Friday, February 17, 2017

Valkyrie Refurbish WIP 1

After the refurbishing job done on the Valdor tank hunter, I decided to pull a NAVY blue Valkyrie out of my drawer and see what I could do to make it presentable again. The original model was not even completed, and had basically disassembled itself after years of rattling around in a drawer. I'm surprised I found enough pieces to put it back together. Part of me was looking forward to doing a crashed version, but after a little hunting I found everything.

I painted this up to match my DAK styled Lightning fighter.

I'm pretty sure that the Death Korps of Krieg don't have Valkyries, but it looked cool, especially with fighter escort.

So has anyone else been inspired to repaint an old vehicle?


  1. Good heavens, man - You've been on a roll! Really dig the refurbish scheme, nicely done!

    1. I really like how the two aircraft look together. They've got a sort of 1980s afghanistan vibe now that I added the Valk.