Thursday, June 23, 2016

Angron Almost Complete

Despite a few things left to clean up on the model, I am really pleased. I think this version is much better than the one in my collection. I hope he goes to a good home at the charity auction. (Is it an auction or raffle? I am not quite sure)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Angron Base WIP

One of the best things about the Forgeworld character series models are the scenic bases they come with. I was impressed with Angron's base when I painted my own copy of him, and enjoyed painting it again just as much. It is areal pleasure painting tiny dioramas like this.

Another thing I carried over from my original version of this model was the use of World Eaters on the base. I was very close to putting a Sons of Horus marine on the base as well, but I think it may have added too much interest and distracted the viewer from the central model.  I think the focus should be on Angron alone. The marines he is slaughtering are just in the way.

You may notice my use of light blue, orange, and yellow tones. This is intentional, and will help Mr. Anger stand out once he is added. Once I add blood spatters the diorama will come to life or death as the case may be. As a bonus, blood will be used to carefully conceal imperfections.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Angron WIP For NOVA Open Charitable Foundation

I figured it was time for a preview of the Angron model I am working on for the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation silent auction. The cloak and base are finally close to completion, so I had the opportunity to block in some color on Angron's face. I am particularly pleased with the eyes even though the pupils are not in yet. I needed to take a break and let my own eyes recover a bit after this. Overall, I think this guy is shaping up to be much better than my own copy of the model. I'm not sure if people will be able to buy raffle tickets online, or if this guy will only be available to attendees of the NOVA Open.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

NOVA Open Charity Tiger WIP 3

Mud and weathering powders have been added. The tracks are close to completion, but may change a tad to match the display.

So do you think the winner of the raffle (or auction however the NOVA Charity Auction does it) will use the vehicle in a game? I think this is pretty much one of the most iconic tanks of WW2, but one of the worst options in a game of Bolt Action. However, I really would like something to enjoy this as a gaming piece.

NOVA Open Charity Tiger WIP 2

The second step with the Tiger was an all over grey filter followed by enamel work. The filter unifies the surface colors a bit, and the oils provide depth and streaking. Because this is meant to be more realistic than I would normally paint, I toned down my weathering quite a bit. You can also see some weathering powders applied, but those were just to block in some color. They will be darkened substantial when they are fixed in place.

The only thing I have to decide now, is whether I want to spray white wash on the tank. I am not inclined to do this at the moment, but instead to skip to the mud phase. I haven't decided how to base the model yet, but that can always happen after mudding. Hopefully whomever wins this model will be able to use it as a display piece but also as a nice gaming model.

Monday, June 13, 2016

NOVA Open Charity Tiger II WIP 1

This year for the NOVA Open Charity Foundation I am painting up a Warlord Games Tiger II for Bolt Action. This piece will be finished to a display level, though I hope the winning bidder uses it in game. Because it is no longer just a gaming piece, I decided I had to paint a more accurate camouflage pattern as part of the base coat. To get to this point, the first step was to color modulate the two color camouflage first, and then add little O shapes in an obviously hand painted way. I guess the German tanks arrived with camouflage from the factory, but enterprising tankers added to it in the field.

So with the major colors blocked in, the first step will be adding an overall filter to tie the camouflage together. Once the filter is applied and sealed I can move on to other environment effects using oils.

The part I am really looking forward to is mudding the tank up. I always enjoy that.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Remember This: Aquilla Lander

I wasn't playing 40k, when the box set this Aquila lander came in was released, but a few years ago I scrounged one up on eBay. I've always liked rare civilian stuff from GW. It rounds out the universe more than another tank with too many guns does.  After admiring early GW plastic terrain, I noticed the missing parts and put the model away in my drawer and there it sat for years. Fast forward to now, where I am painting a boneyard of ruined aircraft for Marc Raley's 30K event at the NOVA Open, and it was time to dust off the model (literally) and get some paint on it.

The weirdest thing happened while painting this thing. Now I want one. I think I'll start by trying to hunt down the missing parts. I never saw the original model, so I can't confirm, but that whole on the top is a telltale sign of a missing tail section. I would love to be able to put some cool Solar Auxilla art on what I imaging would be great open space. I think some cool 1940's styled nose art would be nice on the nose of this thing.

If anyone can point me to the missing parts on eBay, or happens to have some they don't want, please drop me a line.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Building Speed Painting

With so many buildings cast, it is important to come up with a fast way to paint them. Using a minimalist pallet, I managed to knock out these test buildings pretty quickly. The trick was using enamel washes to hide my extremely sloppy paint jobs. (the doors will get washes and highlights!) Now that I have some colors down, I can go back and add detail as needed. Interiors will probably get faux wall paper printed out and then distressed before being glued on. I think that will add a lot of flavor to each individual row house. It is especially important for the ruined buildings, since some wacky 1930s wallpaper will contrast really well with the ruined stone exteriors.

So my big question is what colors to paint the buildings. Anyone from Belgium out there have some ideas?