Friday, May 12, 2017

Ogre Goblin Bust WIP 2

This is my first time using transparent paints, and despite some initial success, I managed to un-green the goblin. The original green was a couple of layers of badger ghost tint green. After putting those layers down, I used badger thinner to clean my airbrush. I then added a blue tint using GW air. The badger thinner melted the green layer down, which then ran into the crevices. So lesson learned. I guess I should figure out what to do next. Do I start the goblin over? Do I discreetly push the model into some less visible part of my desk and ignore it? The more I look at the sculpt the less I like how chunky the giant is. Maybe I should just gore and mud platter this and call it done.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Ogre Goblin Bust WIP 1

Next time I need a quick model to paint after a long slog, I won't pick a bust! Next time, I'll pick a space marine, or IG, or something simple. Nonetheless, I like how the colors are starting to show. I'm trying to mix blues and purples into the model in order to play off the orange ogre, and green goblin. I think I have a few more hours to go on the goblin flesh before I know if I am on to something.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Guilliman As Done As He Is Going To Be

I'm calling him done at this point. I added some more color to his face, and toned down the extremely exaggerated sculpt a bit by artificially shallowing the crevices on it. I'd like to try to get some better photos, but I am really struggling to get them to come out these days.

I really appreciate all the helpful feedback. I tried to use a lot of it. The power glove should be a lighter color to add another spot focus, but in the end I just needed this guy to be finished and take his place in my cabinet.

Do I like my rendition of him? I'm not sure. He doesn't fit my style really well. I suspect that if you lined up all my stuff and put him in the mix that you might not pick him out as having even been painted by me. I can't tell if that is color choice, skill, or just the basic model itself. Something is off. I'll revisit him at some point and try to figure out what it is.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Guilliman's Face

I love painting faces, but Guilliman's face is moulded in a really weird way. I'm just not sure I like the design. At any rate, I painted up a test of the face to see if I needed it to make the model work, of if the helmeted version would work better. I'm still no the fence. If I go with the face, I'll smooth out the blending a bit on the jowl lines, and rework the chin area. Does the face work at all?

Monday, April 17, 2017

Guilliman WIP Still

*Edited took new photos using Greg's suggestion to manually focus.

I did a little test fit of Guilliman's head and sword and tried to take some nicer photos. I was unable to get my camera to focus, so these were the best I could get. At the least, you can see the general outline of the model and where he is going. For those of my friends following along the painting process, I figured some photos were better than none. There are still lots of unfinished parts on him, including gems, purity seals, groin bead thing, and gold highlighting. After all of that I can finally start adding environmental effects. The big take away for me is that there is too little focus on his chest/head area. Maybe I'll use transparent smoke colored paint to add depth to the shadows. I'm still on the fence about that, as I don't have any of it on hand.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Emperor's Sword

I didn't like the flames on the sword that game with Guilliman, so I sanded them off. I tried to keep the "IMPORTANT SWORD" vibe by painting it gold. I hope that pays homage to the sword's previous owner, the Emperor of Mankind.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Base Test For Guilliman

*EDITED Added photo of base with weathering powders

The new base has enamel curing on it right now in prep for oils, followed by dust and dirt weathering powders. To get a feel for what it will eventually look like, just imagine the grey areas a dirty steel legion drab color. The important bit for me was to see if the slightly yellow bird head, and the pale green SoH marine would complement Roboute Guilliman or not. When the grey is tan colored, I think the base will sink into the background and give a nice subdued footing to the model.

You might also notice the sword has been trimmed of fire. I do not like sculpted fire, or lighting effects on models, so after a few practice paint jobs, I decided to make this into a more proper looking sword. I plan to use shaded metallics for it, so it won't be glowing.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Filigree Gone Wild: Primarch WIP #2

With oils cleaned up, I blasted the model with ultra-matte varnish and began working on highlighting the gold. There is a vast amount of work to do on it, but even in this mid-way state, I think the model is coming together. I'm going to add some greens to the shadow areas of the gold which should provide some further depth, but for now I am satisfied with the progress.

The plastic base that comes with the model is too busy.  I could base him like my old Ultras, but I think I'm going to base him similar to my SoH. That means tossing the plastic base, and putting him on a dirty rock/cement outcrop. The only thing stopping me at the moment is the cool eagle head rubble piece that comes on the plastic base. I think that might look nice integrated into the replacement. Does anyone like the plastic base this guy comes with?