Sunday, February 5, 2017

Death Korps Lightening Fighter Masking

When the lightening came out I ran out and purchased one, which has until now sat beneath my desk gathering dust. (years worth of dust) One of the things that kept me from painting this model, was the annoying cockpit canopy. I don't enjoy painting them in general and especially if they are cast poorly. However this time around, I was able to use Micro Mask successfully and had a very easy time of it.  I'm really happy with it. I think the cool green of the interior showing through is really useful in making the model pop.

So, did I borrow a color scheme from the DAK? Yes. However, I think once all of the Imperial iconography is on the fighter that it will look different enough to be acceptable. It pairs really well with my Death Korps, which are based on dusty desert looking rock.

Step 1: Mask exterior using three coats of Micro Mask

Step 2: Paint the exterior using the interior color. This color will show through from the outside as a person looks through the canopy.

 Step 3: Heavy coat of primer. This should help form a sturdy surface for painting.

Step 4: Remove mask.


  1. do you just paint the mask on? How do you remove it?

  2. Oh i want one of those and the thunder bolt so badly. Living vicariously through you...

  3. You just paint it on and then pull it off when you are done.

  4. Never heard of a mask you could paint on, that is pretty neat.

  5. Rory, I use the Humbrol paint on mask - it's bright purple so pretty easy to follow what you're doing with it.

    JS - that looks great, looking forward to wider angle whole model shots.