Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weathering Powders

With my recent forgeworld purchase I received a set of the weathering powers. I have used charcoal before, as well as pastels for weathering, but this is my first attempt at using the real stuff. Initially I added acrylic thinner to the powder and dappled it on, but towards the end I ust put the powders directly on with a damp brush. I like the way the black soot turned out, and I like some of the rust. It is a little hard to imagine a unit wanting to use a tank that looks like this. I am considering adding rust, soot, and the light and dark soot to my IG motor pool.

Incidentally this last photo is the side of the turret that I accidentally sprayed white after grabbing the wrong can of spray paint. I rubbed most of it off, but the transfers took a pretty big hit.'

I was planning on using the Oni Aquila scale for rating the powders, but I am just not sure about them yet. Any thoughts from other raw pigment users?


  1. I have started using powders.
    The tricky part is getting them fixed for wargaming without ruining the effect. I have used white glue and artists spray fixative with various degrees of success. Citadel varnish spray wrecks the powder-effect,


  2. That is good to know. I haven't used the fixative yet and was wondering how it was going to stay on. I like the fine grained powdery look, but think I might end up with something that looks like wet rot. Is this how you achieved the look on your chaos titan?

    I checked out your profile and see that you are from Newquay, one of the few places I have been in the UK!

  3. It's quite a realistic effect created by those weathering powders. Do you mind elaborating on what the powder is really? I mean, it sounds like it's just a "dry paint" that's akin to drybrushing without having to remove the moisture from your brush first. Is that an accurate description?