Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Devastator Squad Finished!

I've had 4 partially painted devastators for a long time. I originally bought them for my Iron Scythes, and then they got passed around from army to army until they received their blood red paint job...last year. This is the problem with starting and not finishing projects. These guys got a paint job when I was relearning painting from the ground up, but since I started them back then, I had to deal with that fact today. Now I have a unit that has all kinds of painting styles and does not benefit from either my new found love for layering and blending or my growing hatred for mold lines and bad priming. In a hobby like this it is hard to finish units when painting momentum is lost. At least they are done, and while not the best looking figures in the army, they at least do not stand out as the mostly primer unit they were.

So, does anyone field squads like this. I feel like I have to try them out at least once now that they have a few dozen coats a paint on them. What will one las cannon, two plasma cannons, and one missile launcher do to another unit. Can I toss this in with my baal and unpainted land raider? It certainly looks like a fun unit for the shooting phase!


  1. That is quite and odd mix of heavy weapons. Usually it's 2:2 or all the same; purpose built for either anti-infantry or anti-tank. This squad seems to lean towards anti-infantry with its two plasma cannons and missile launcher (frag), but has a small touch of anti-tank with the lascannon and missile launcher (krak).

    If it were my squad, I'd most likely pull the lascannon for another missile launcher.

    The only real way to know if that combo of weapons will work for you is to put them on the tabletop and see.

  2. It does look a little weird doesn't it. I have plenty of extra missile launchers, so I could paint up one more guy. I thought plasma would be a nice support weapon for the case where the enemies close combat troops are worse than mine. My wife is out for the weekend, so I might actually get a game in.

  3. quick question, how did you paint the plasma cannons? I'm about to paint up a BA Devastator squad and I really like your finish