Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Grey Knight Dreadnought

I am in some kind of rush painting today, and just randomly tackled the grey knight dreadnought that I converted from the AoBR set. I also speed painted some guardsman built out of random old bits mixed with the new Cadian set. I am not sure if anyone else gets this way, but I think I pressed on with my painting when I should have stopped. The paint is quite thick in some places, kind of a departure. On the other side of things, I did enjoy just slopping the wash on the imperial guard. Sometimes it just feels good.


  1. Wow, great dread conversion! I'm going to be starting on my own GK dread in the near future, so I'm insanely jealous that yours is already finished :P

  2. I've just about finished it now, and I think it is starting to look pretty good. The grey knights will support my IG army, which is predominantly mud, dark yellow, and green, so they provide contrast. I tried to use the same color red on the GK as on the guardsmen to add cohesiveness.

    The conversion was really simple. I am surprised at how different the dread looks.

  3. I think the dreadnought looks good. It's a nice conversion.

  4. I like the red on the Dreadnought. It's a nice break from the silver you usually see them covered in.
    Nice work.

  5. Hey, nice work on the conversion.

    I am a new 40k player and I would like to do the same conversion could you give me some tips on the basics of this conversion?