Sunday, October 11, 2009

Glass Display Cases

So I have have finally reached the point where I am not terribly embarrassed for people to know that I paint toy soldiers. This may be the result of having two serious surgeries and ceasing to care what people think of my hobbies, or maybe I have matured a bit on the way. My wife is very supportive of the hobby, so when it came time to furnish our new condo, in addition to all of the regular furniture, I decided to hunt out and buy some display cases. Since I don't game that often, they would allow me to see what I had accomplished painting-wise. The key for me was getting some nice glass cases with doors that could keep the dust off of the miniatures. I was also hoping to find a case or cases that did not ruin the look of my office.

Years ago I used to store my figs on a bookshelf, but over time they accrued dust with the adhesion properties of glue. It turns out that glass display cases are a pain to find, especially ones that could fit in my corner pie shaped office. After hunting long and hard I just broke down and bought the ikea display cases pictured here. They were inexpensive, costing two for the price of one and third baneblades. I've just finished building them, but have not populated them yet.

Oh, the other thing about surgery. It led me to just go out and purchase all the minis I ever wanted to paint guilt free. The more unpacking I do the more surprises I find. I know it is gauche to show one's loot, but think of this as a preview of what I will be painting. I have a small Grey Knights detachment, Krashkin storm troopers, Valhallan ice troopers, and a large amount of voystroyan. These guys will all be painted up to go with my ruined city bases for use with my cadians. The voystroyans will be painted in a cleaner fashion, allowing the cadians to look more like grungy mud troops. I think the traditional voystroyan paint scheme will look really nice with the grey knights. As usual, I will try to keep the reds similar so there is a cohesive look to the force. I think it will be really cool to field an IG based army with each of the different IG models Games Worship has produced. Of course, that would require me to get in a game or two every few months. Anyone up for a game in DC?

*EDIT added photos of guard and blood angels in the case!


  1. Well, Im not exactly in DC, but pretty dang close! I currently game at the Columbia MD GW, but am moving next month and the Glen Burnie bunker will be my new home away from home. I also work a lot closer to DC, so send me an email and maybe we can get something lined up!

  2. Ikea cases? If they aren't the look like it ... I stumbled upon the Ikea display cases earlier this year and thus far have five. For the price its hard to beat the nice sleek, contemporary look that blends in with most decor ... with some really good functionality.

  3. Every man and his dog seems to have an Ikea case - must see if they stock them here in the Australian stores - good to see our wine exports being put to good use in the States.

  4. It looks like you chose a really nice display case so I don't think you should be too embarrassed by your hobby any more. Nice choice to display your hard work.

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