Friday, October 23, 2009

Airbrushes are awesome!

I bought an airbrush a while back, along with an oil less air compressor. The brush is dual action, and was a bit intimidating. Last night I decided to put the thing together and see how it worked. I started by priming a miniature with boltgun metal, basically as a way to test how even the coats were, and to see if this gun would help me paint my grey knights. When I got home tonight I decided to try the gun on an Imperial Guard Punisher. I'm told the weapon is useless, but I like the way it looks, so I chose it plus three bolters as my first set of weapons to paint. After building the tank I primed it white, and then began giving the airbrush a spin. Most of this model was painted in under an hour! I has taken me two more hours to paint enough other parts (bolters, main gun, and tank tracks) so that I can use this guy tomorrow if I break my gaming fast. I am so impressed with this air brush I don't know what to say. You should just go buy one. I will never paint a tank by hand again. I even liked painting smaller objects like troopers and the bolters with it because it produces such an even coat. When I have finished weathering this tank I will post some more photos. The GW airbrush is already in the trash.

*EDIT A word of caution about purity seal. I used it on one of my heavily weathers tanks (not pictured here) and it basically removed all of the soot/rust/ash on the vehicle as well as changing the color of the graphite I used for worn edges.


  1. That looks awesome - was the whole tank done with the air brush, or were some parts done with a standard brush - I'm talking about the highlights, the heavy bolter casings etc?

  2. The red heavy bolter casings were air brushed on as well. I used a brush for a light drybrush of deheneb stone over the whole model, and for very small details, like the green glass viewport on top, the grenade launchers, and the bronze on the main gun. I have a magnetized dozer blade that I just forgot to paint, so the tank still has one chunk in primer!

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  4. Then that is truly awesome and well done.

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