Saturday, October 3, 2015

Dreadtober Ork Dreadnought With Re-Posed Legs

Dreadtober is a who holiday event, where hobbyists from all over the world build dreadnoughts. If you've never heard of it either then you are in the same boat with me. (I think Greg and Todd invented it) If you'd like to participate, and why wouldn't you, head over to FeedYourNerd to get more details and have your name/blog added to the dreadtober roll call. Todd over at SincaiN40k has been making all kinds of cool images for the event.

So this is my first Ork dreadnought. It is also my first Ork conversion. I haven't painted Orks in ages, and even had to add the Ork label to the blog for the first time. I am not sure what type of Ork dread this is, but when I opened the packages there were three little dreads, and one larger one. I grabbed the larger one, and dismayed at the stumpy legs, hacked them apart. One of the nice thing about Orks is that I don't feel totally compelled to do a clean conversion. Reasonably clean is good enough. This makes the build a lot less stressful.

So what Ork clan should this guy be part of? He will be an army of one for quite a while unless I paint that Stompa lurking in my closet.

*Edit added some photos of the dread with arms magnetized on. I think the added height the re-posed legs give really help the model. It still has the hulking Ork vibe, but looks like it could actually stomp around.


  1. Do blood axe clan! Would totally gel with your painting style.

    But really, whatever you do, don't do bad moons. Yellow ork stuff is sooooooo over done.

  2. Nice work with the plasticard! Looks like it's totally part of the kit.

  3. Thanks Mike. The kit comes with these little Ork runes that I placed on the interfaced between the new and old parts. That makes a cleaner join, as well as bulks out the legs a bit.

    Tim, I'll have to google blood axe clan. I have no idea what they look like. Come to think of it, I have the original Ork codex. That might provide some inspiration.

  4. Nice John. I agree with Mike, the plasticard is awesome!!

  5. John,
    I've never seen a deff dread done like this. It already is looking ace. I'm amazed at what a difference that made. The reasoning behind dreadtober are already apparent! Really glad you are participating!.

    I'd do deff skullz if you want to mess with some blue.
    Bad moonz if yellow.
    Goffs if black with lotsa checkers
    evil sunz if you want to do red.

    The snake bites wouldn't really use a dreadnought, they are all about the sneaky sneak.

  6. Go Bad Moons!
    Yellow can be a hell to paint but it makes an challenging paint project.
    And yellow looks really strinking on the tabletop.


  7. Nice work. Would you commission a pair of legs like that? Looking at making my Dread taller but I'm no good with plasticard.