Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Angron WIP

With the major color blocked in, Angron is starting to look like a proper primarch. Oils are next. Seeing him at this state, maybe I should skip the oils and keep painting him with acrylics. I like what I see so far, and oils always have an air of uncertainty. (ok not the oils but the varnish needed to protect the base layers from them)

So Angron is happening, but so is something else so weird I almost don't have words. There is a game of Age of Sigmar going on at my house, and I am not part of it. I have been spouse banished so my wife can play AoS with her new friend. Ok, so this is happing. I'll just be quiet and printed like I don't really want to go out and watch the game. Weird right?


  1. Damn man.. I just saw the other Angron update and man you are rolling 8) Nice .. my wife would laugh straight in my face if I even recommended she roll any dice .. for any reason 8)

  2. Hey man don't let them hobby shame you. you have every right to watch and jeer from the sidelines. It will make them unflappable gamers later and they thank you for it. In the short term just make damn sure you are good at dodging fly objects. Angron looks great. Do the oils, they work lovely over all the metal and you know it!

  3. I just had a terrible accident with Mr. Super Clear Matte. So given that the paint job is fuzzed, oils it is! I think I can remove the fuzz with a little bit of gloss, but who knows. Nice thing about models. They are only models. (just pretending to be zen. I am not zen right now :)

    1. so I dumped on oils because I was worried. It looks like it is going to be fine. It is much darker than I had planned, but I think it works. Behold the magic of oils....again. (got to go throw out all of my varnish)

  4. John,
    I always love the things that you paint. This is no exception.

    I think you should fire some artillery from another table into the AOS game.