Monday, October 5, 2015

30K Ork Dreadnought Size Comparison

I've been thinking out how to paint this taller than usual ork dreadnought, and I think I am going to go with yellow. Yellow is pretty common these days, but I think I can come up with an original recipe for it that works for this model. I am also considering a teal-ish green with cream colored checkers. Ultimately I think my tall Orks should look good with my 30k armies and Death Korps, so they'll get what is becoming my standard basing of destroyed concrete.

Stylistically, if I am to create a 30k Ork force rather than just a one off, I think I need add more realism and barbarism to the models. In my mind this breaks down to super detailing the kit and painting them darker and more realistically. I have a bunch of chain left over from one of my conversions. I think the Orks would make heavy use of it on their vehicles. I am tempted to channel a little mad max and have Orks riding on top of the dread like a boarding party. It might be too much, but I like the idea. Plus it would let me paint up some ork skin tones. Now I just need to find some characterful orks to add.


  1. Yellow's such a go-to because it looks really good when done well. That, and I think we're all collectively adjusting to having yellow hobby paints with decent coverage.

    If you do decide to push on with Orks... I've and Ork army I've accepted I'm never going to work on and should get around to selling. Just sayin'...

  2. I am loving loving loving this John! Take down that contemptor!

  3. You can never go wrong with a Mad Max reference 8) .. Wow that thing is bigger then I thought. It wa reminding me of a Ork Sentinel but it's way bigger ! looking good and it isn't' even painted yet 8)

  4. Looks awesome but I'm sad about the yellow...ah well, I'm sure it will look great.