Monday, August 15, 2011

Storm Raven Pt 3

I've been having a bast painting this storm raven. I don't know why I put it off so long. Unfortunately, it is a little too large for my light booth, so I am forced to using a camera with flash.

I have most of the model painted now, including the crew, and the magnetized side hatches(more on that later). I am really happy with how the crew turned out. Those last two photos were taken with flash on, which is not terribly flattering. I think the model looks really good when set on my display board, and am looking forward to coming up with a good base for it. I was thinking of putting a wrecked ultramarines rhino, but that might make transporting the model a pain. Who wants to transport a rhino purely to use it a scenery.

I've included some army shots of the SR from a distance as per request. I cropped the photos, but the shots were taken more than 5 feet away, so you can get a feel for how it fits into the finished army.

Is Sword of Baal too cheesy a name? Mine is going to carry death company, so it is a mean S.O.B.


  1. Airbrush makes tanks and vehicles so easy. I gotta get one. Of course when you develop a style as anal as mine scaling it up to bigger models is a life sapping experience. So is painting I guess a chapter or so. I think I got a chapter worth of Diseased Sons even though I painted them in seven squads...

  2. I love your night goblins! The orange base goes really well with green and purple. Normally it would look like halloween, but the tones you use make it look like autumn instead.

  3. Looks great- thanks for posting!

  4. Any way we could get photos of the flying stand? Is that dust cloud meant to be from landing or from taking off? Either way pretty impressive!

  5. I just finished the flying stand this morning before work. I'll post it tonight.

  6. Hey I forgot to say it before... I would have voted for you in Armies on Parade at Games Day! This was the best entry I had seen from around the web and on the GW-blog winners post. I really liked Dave's Empire but I love tanks more.

    I love what you have done with this army, I think you're a very talented painter of both infantry and armour plus the weathering effects on your armour are really well done.