Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pre-Shading A Stormraven P2

Once the pre-shading is done with codex grey, a light coat of blood red is sprayed all over the model. It is is important to go a little thicker over the grey areas so they end up looking red, not pink. At this stage the finished looks starts emerging. The photo above with the taped windows shows what the model looks like with the red applied. So far nothing fancy has been done.

The next step involves watering down baal red wash 50/50 with water and spraying it all over the model. I find that this ties the whole model together and makes a much richer red. When I sprayed the wash this time, I noticed that when dry, the wash left a powdery chalky looking residue in some of the crevices. This happened when I painted my Heroes of Armageddon devil dogs as well. I have no idea what is causing this, and would very much like it to go away. It ends up looking like a bit of unintended weathering. The problem is that I can not control when it happens, so it must go.

I painted the pilot using the same pre-shading technique, and think I have found my new goto method for painting blood angels. It was surprising how good he looked for 10 minutes of work. In my rush to get this model done, I should have paused to let the crew dry, but sometimes speed just has to happen, and paint just has to run.


  1. Wow! That turned out really nice! I'm going to need to try that on the next vehicle I do.

    The biggest issue I've had with highlights is that you can make them look really good from a tabletop gaming distance, in which case they look like hell close up, or look really good close-up, in which case you can't see them well at a distance. This seems to balance that.

    Any chance we could get some shots from 5-6 feet away versus close up?



  2. I'll take some shots at a distance when I show the finished model. I just unpacked my BA from Chicago, and want a shot of this guy with them anyway.