Tuesday, August 2, 2011

NOVA Open: What to Play

I bit the bullet while at Games Day Chicago and decided to play in the 40k Nova open. I had a little prompting by Jawaballs. The chance to throw down some games with fully painted armies sounded like fun. So how does one prepare for a GT if one is not a regular player? My last game was more than a year ago against brother captain james. My concerns.
  • I've never played a 2k game before, so my painted armies might not support it well. I may have to paint up new units.
  • A 2k army can be hard to transport if it is tank heavy.
  • I am rusty with the rules so I need a simple army with few tricks that I can start practicing with now
I could play BA, IG, or DA. BA are currently my favorite painting army, but they require a real list, which I am going to get some help with. However, through the wonders of Army Builder, I've put together an alternate Dark Angels dual-wing army list. Could a mostly foot DA list work?
  • Belial lightening claws
  • Librarian in terminator armor
  • x5 Terminator squad
  • ravenwing fast attack with bike and land speeder
  • ravenwing support squadron (1 land speeder)
There are no tanks, but a lot of teleport homers on bikes. In the past my tanks always evaporated first turn anyway, so why not just leave them home and save the effort. Do I need more troops? Should it be a terminator only army?


  1. My brother plays DA and found that the bike choices are limited and somewhat overpriced for what they bring, so his list evolved to pure Deathwing (which he's bringing to the NOVA). He has some battle reports and list info on our blog at thelazaruseffect.blotgspot.com.

    Also I noticed you're in DC, I'm in Alexandria, drop me a note if you'd like to get a game sometime. Good luck.

  2. I sure do like bikes... and terminators. But are they two great tastes that taste great together?

    I know nothing about current meta, but what about drop podding down on your objectives if you don't like tanks? A bunch of foot slogging termies does sound... slooooww.

  3. Yes it could work go here:


    and specifically here http://whitescars-army.blogspot.com/2011/08/skcuzzlebumms-road-to-etc-part-3.html

    all termie armies have started to do surprisingly well, just make sure you have enough anti-tank shooting and the rest you can beat up

  4. you can also find some list thoughts at spacewolvesgrey dot blogspot dot com or smthg like that, I'm sure you know Adam's blog

  5. I've been perusing lists at your collected recommendations. I think you are right that my list is very difficult to play at the moment. I could do minor tweak,s like change weapon load outs (e.g. use plasma instead of melta on bikes) or I could rethink the foundation. I just built an all terminator + 3 typhoon list for kicks which looks kind of fun, however, having bikes just seems right.

    I built 10 new terminators last night, so at least I have some options.