Sunday, August 21, 2011

Four Blood Angels and one Flesh Tearers anything tanks

Just to throw a wrench in the whole super magnetizing speed painting of 5 anything tanks, I decided to paint one up in a Flesh Tearers color scheme. This way when I field Seth, and his assault squad, I have a place for them to ride. I mean after all, Chapter Master Seth would not borrow a Blood Angel's ride unless he was taking over the chapter. When I started this iteration of my Ba I wanted to have a few squads from each successor chapter, so this fit in nicely with the long term goal. If any of you get a chance to see my army at the NOVA open then you'll know how down to the wire the whole thing was for me. The funny thing is that I am primarily a painter, so speed painting in order to play in a GT is way out of the norm. One of the cool things is that once done, I will be able to field any combination of tanks, be they rhinos, razorbacks, predators, or baal predators. Maybe I will play the game more often afterwards.

The tanks have their armor completed now, and I have begun putting on decals and painting details. (the tanks are a little glossy from the baal red wash, but should be nice an matte at the end)

After the details are done, I'll add battle damage and dust, so it can overlap providing a little more realism. I plan to add stowage to each tank as well. Naturally the FT tank will have the most stowage and battle damage, fitting in with their background of letting their vehicles fall apart. I am looking forward to adding rusty tow lines and such to the FT chassis.

So in terms of playing the game, rhinos are not assault vehicles, but could I move them flat out and ram another vehicle hoping the rhino will explode dropping its payload of troops in front of the target? Would the troops be able to assault? It does not seem like this would be ok, but it sounds really fun to play.


  1. Unfortunatelyy the explosion/wreck counts as disembarking now per GW clarification. So, no, but they still make great 18" rammers in extreme emergency. 6 for ram dist + 1 for av11 + 1 for "tank."

    Army progress looks fantastic, and I'm glad Jawa talked you into coming. Even w/ less experience under your belt, take some drubbing on Day 1 and you'll fit right in w/ your peers for a competitive day 2 in the forced brackets.

    Looking forward to seeing you @ the Open,

    - Mike Brandt, NOVA Open

  2. Actually, what is even worse right now - if you move flat out with a vehicle and it is destroyed during your turn (from tankshocking and exploding), all of the models inside will be removed from play.

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