Friday, August 5, 2011

Painting Recipes Rock

One of the added benefits of blogging is that the blog becomes a painting recipe repository. If I hadn't put my deathwing basing recipe online, I would not have had any idea how to reproduce the bases for the 3 new squads I am adding to the army. If only I had put the recipe for putting the deathwing themselves online!


  1. hi mate, was having a look for the recipie, is it still on here?

  2. I too benefit from writing down colour combinations when I post to blogs and forums, as years later, sometimes only months or days, I can't remember what I did. My focus the last few years has been on trying to get my main army to a fairly completed state and to become more efficient. I never really succeeded completely at either, but writing down and even just photographing your palette can be useful.

  3. @millest: The recipe is tagged with with 'tutorial' and is titled speed basing.

    @Muski: I wish I had written down how I painted my DA terminators as well, since I am having a bear of a time reproducing the scheme. They look very close now, but are a little sloppy.