Wednesday, August 3, 2011

NOVA BA Jump List and Ebay Buyer Beware!

I am still debating what to play at the NOVA open, which is a problem given that I will likely have to do a large amount of painting before hand if I want a semi-coherant list. After all, as a painter primarily I paint what I like, not what is playable. Rather than make a decision now, why not paint two armies and decide later?

Using that logic, I took my Ebay'd terminators, which had turned out to be poorly put together AoBR terminators, and began the process of dressing them up with new armaments for two new DA squads. Once completed, this will mean my DA army now has enough miniatures to support a 2k list, which gives me some options.

On the BA side of the equation I have been toying around the idea of running an all jump list using 5 assault squads, asteroth the grim, dante, and honor guard. Toss in a a chaplain and a sanguinary priest and it is a pretty sizable force. Who wouldn't want to drop 50 marines out of the sky onto an opponent. At the very least it would be fun....after all, it is raining blood angles.


  1. A misleading sale on ebay? Couldn't be! I'm sure you'll get them looking sharp before too long. I've been envying the playing side of the hobby since hanging out with Jawaballs and the guys at Games Day. You'll have a pair of 2000 point armies by the end of the month... My first may be a little further down the road... like by the end of the year... maybe even the next year.

  2. DA and GK make 2k armies pretty easy to build since they are so expensive points wise. The terminators look ok now with their first base coats on. I just wish I could remove the heads and replace them since the models came primed pretty thickly. I am having a little trouble reproducing my DA recipes, though the bases were at least well documented.