Monday, August 8, 2011

1st game in over a year

I played my first game in over a year yesterday against a really great painter, and an even nicer guy, shawn, over at I brought the army above(yes in that sexy cardboard and tape movement tray), and he brought 2k worth of demons. I've never played demons, so it was thrilling to get the chance to play one of the essential fluff armies in the 40k universe.

Shawn's army ate mine. It was fun, I learned a lot, but I really think BA are more my style. Perhaps I do have to finish off painting troops so my BA force can be a contender. I was hoping that with the relatively small deathwing force that I was going to be minimizing the trouble of transporting them and then setting them up and playing. However versus 17ish units I just could not maneuver.

Since I was railroaded\d\d\d\d\d into playing in the NOVA (thanks jawa! :) I now have to train. I'd like to think I am Rocky in this fantasy, but really I am just training so my opponents can have relatively fast and fun games. Things I learned from game one of my training sessions.

  1. I need to have all special rules and main rule book rules on hand. This includes psychic powers. I am going to make a cheat sheet
  2. Just because my army can DS does not mean it needs to. I think I should have castled
  3. My bikes are glass, they shatter on everything. Best use them as last minute objective grabbers
  4. splitting a bike squad into two units of three, makes a single weaker unit even worse
  5. If I can't play to win, I should play for the draw
  6. DW are neither hand to hand, nor long distance fire support. I have no idea where they fit.


  1. Deathwing can be extremely powerful, it is just a matter of knowing what do do in the movement phase, and targeting the right stuff at the right time!

    a guy on the blog i write for ( is writing some really good Deathwing tactica articles, and there are a ton of useful bits of info on his other posts as well. he is a great player and has had a lot of success with an army very similar to the one above, so check us out :)

  2. It can be hard going against Daemons as they can really build up the armour ignoring attacks either from the Bloodletters or the rending Daemonettes. You also cannot anticipate where they will go, combined with your lack of movement and its an uphill struggle.

    personally i'd play about with the composition a bit. If you want Ravenwing, a unit of three and an attack bike will suffice - don't worry about the extra three and the landspeeder. i've had a fair amount of success with a three strong squad with 2x plasmaguns - don't know how you feel about changing the models.

    presumably one of those Landspeeders is a support squadron? i wouldn't bother really - points would be best spent elsewhere.

    you will probably find a Chaplain will serve you better than a Librarian - it doesn't even have to be a Interrogator in Terminator Armour - just a regular chaplain with a jump pack will get you those all important re-rolls plus mean that he can dart between squads easier as needed.

    DS is all well and good for perhaps one shooting orientated squad to hold back and react as needed, but the close combat squads are sitting ducks really if they DS - can you find points for at least an LRC?

  3. I find it aggravating how good those minis look this quickly. Damn your speedy painting!

  4. @IG :I think they look pretty good, but if you look really close you can see the original owners primer mistakes and glueing. I had to use paint to fake some of the details back! Overall though, I am proud of the army on the table, just not my skills with it.

    @drax : I was worried about not having enough anti psychic powers which is why I went with the librarian. I could go chaplain as well since I already have one painted for the DW. I'm going to take your advice and see what I can do. You don't think a LRC would be a sitting duck as the only vehicle in the list?

    @Atreides : Thanks for the great URL, reading it now.

  5. wow a lot of work to do :D

    im following you, you can do the same with mine ! .. im tau :D