Monday, January 31, 2011

Deathwing Chaplain and Squad

I painted up some test bases to go with both my Astral Claws and my Dark Angels. Previously I had been creating custom bases for each miniature every time I needed one. The power of home resin casting has freed me from that now! The Deathwing squad above used individual custom bases, and while they look nice, I wanted a way to create a base quickly that showed off the miniatures. The Rhino top hatch base shown below is meant for a hero character, since it allows for dynamic poses. I used one of the new flatter bases for the chaplain, since his pose was rather static, and I was unable to pry his torso off of his legs for repositioning! I am really pleased with how he came out.

The rest of the Deathwing are a little lighter in color than my other squads, but I am just happy to have three squads instead of two. I think I may have to get a game in once I paint up that venerable dread lurking to the side of my painting area.


  1. Looking really good here. It is so easy to make these guys look to "Christmas" but your guys look awesome!

  2. I struggle with the whole 'Christmas' looking paint scheme. I have some terminators that look like they should be leading reindeer, but since those first few disasters I have been trying to keep red and green apart. These guys got green storm bolter casings in order to remove red from the model.

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