Monday, January 3, 2011

Astral Claws Centurion Helmet Crest + Corpse Taker

Timing is everything. Ron over at FTW just posted about Roman style helmet crests. As my first real green-stuff attempt, I sculpted one of these for my Astral Claws Sergeant test miniature. I am not sure if I am going to do this for all of my Astral Claws, or just this one miniature. In Roman legions, the crest went front to back for normal legionnaires, and perpendicular to that (as shown on my sergeant) for officers. This would be a neat way to make centurions and sergeants stand out from rank and file astartes. It would be fun to see a squad of Astral Claws that did not side with their chapter. The minis could form a little diorama showing them throwing down their weapons.

The other mini posted above is the beginnings of my Corpse Taker. For those who have not bought IA9 and read it over and over again like I have, the Corpse Taker unit is a small Apothecary squad that removed gene seed from Astral Claws and non Astral Claws wounded. Basically they try to collect all of the gene seed they can in order to create more legionnaires. This is just about the worst thing one chapter can do to another. Naturally I had to paint one unit up! I used Fabius Bile's backpack thing along with regular apothecary bits.

In terms of color, I am still unsure how to paint white cleaning. No matter how smooth I think the blending is, the moment I take a photo the edge highlights of pure skull white stand out like sore thumbs. I plan to paint the shoulder pads blue and gold like regular troopers. I was also thinking about adding highlighted battle damage as well as blood spatters. These are gruesome marines after all.


  1. Looking great. I like the way the first miniature is holding his helm. As though he wanted to survey the field of battle with his own eyes for a moment.

  2. Very cool. Greenstuffing them is much harder than using the metal bits.

    Drop me an email, I have something for you.

    Ron, From the Warp

  3. I'm sure the metal bits are better. It was just time for me to get my green-stuff on! I'm thinking about spending some time creating some bits for the army and then using my resin-fu to duplicate them. At the moment I am better at duplication than at creation.

  4. Secret Weapon Minatures sells Crests, just so you know. They look pretty good too, actually.