Sunday, January 16, 2011

FW Tyrant of Badab And Astral Claws Combat Squad

I took a break from DKOK wash experiments last night and decided to paint my FW Tyrant of Badab and one set of MK2 iron armor marines. I have a whole list prepared for my Astral Claws, but I did not want to bother looking at it and just painted a bog standard melta squad.

Virtually everything went wrong with these guys!

Important rules (try to break as many as possible)
  1. Paint the inner most details first. For some reason I painted all the detail and then tried to go back and do the armor.
  2. Have patience. I rushed a lot of armor painting after getting the details done, and then had to use washes to get into the cracks, which obscured detail.
  3. Never give up! I was at the point of giving up last night and gave the guys one more soft black wash. (using awesomepaintjobs recipe) It toned everything down, and when I saw the minis this morning I kind of like them!
  4. Have supplies handy. I ran out of space on the paper plate I use for painting, and just pushed on.
  5. Change brushes. My favorite brush is rubbish now. I have plenty of replacements, but I just reach for it out of habit. After this post that brush goes in the the garbage can. It has served me well for 6+ months, but its days have come and gone.
  6. Use the airbrush for base coating. a lot of people don't have the opportunity to do this, but I would love to see some of the better painters on the web put an airbrush through its paces.

No, in terms of my DKOK, I have to deal with item number 4. I did not bother with my mint color scheme because I did not have an empty paint pot to mix my wash in. Ron's link FTW to my recently painted Imperial Advisors, and his posting pointing out my wash pooling have been really helpful. Sometimes It takes a nudge by someone else to kick one's painting up a notch. I need to get my figure painting into gear so I am not stuck painting only vehicles for the next Storm Wardens project!

Now the real question is whether or not I can go to a GW without buying more minis to paint. As rob from warhammer 39999 noted, I have a very large backlog.


  1. Loving the Astral Claws, great work with them. I'm currently working on my own Astral Claws which you can find here along with other Badab projects:
    I would love it if you would join the group, if your interested drop me a comment or an email.

  2. Someone got some FW goodies for Christmas it seems. ;-)

  3. Wow, those look amazing. My only critique would be the ones with the helmets on. They look just a tad bland. I wish there was something else on them to break up the color scheme. Pouches, weapons, maybe some blue or gold on the knees. It's a very minor criticism. Great work overall. I dig the bases too. Those resin?

  4. Stunning unit. I bought them as well for my Long Fangs. And thanks for the tips - will follow.

  5. Love these guys.
    And what was the palette for the basing... I'd like to use that for my Deathwing.

    Ron, From the Warp

  6. That basing is dirt simple! I used white primer on the base, followed by foundation khemri. The white brightens it up a bit. A simple dry brush of bone finished it off. There is a weathering powder that is close to the finished base color as well, which would look fantastic on black models!

    I've been thinking of putting on a few patches of dead grass on these as well as a light dusting of sand colored weathering powder as well.

    I am in the process of trying out your OSL on an extra power fist. I'll post my results!

  7. I think the drybrush was with deheneb stone not bleached bone. I can't believe I've already forgotten

  8. I'm stealing your basing for sure now. I like the light colored look. And when you post your powerfist results, send me the link so I can add it to the FTW post.