Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Titan Crew, Imperial Advisors, and Inquisitional Servitor

I finally broke down and painted some of my forgeworld stuff. I have a titan, death korps, and early mark space marines to paint, and have been avoiding painting them. Basically the minis were so nice I did not want to ruin them. I think I just had a case of the painting fear!

So first things first. These minis are small! Space Marines look like giants compared to them. This also means that the details are incredibly hard for me to paint. At times I was relying on brush mojo to magically land the paint where it needed to be. I found that washes were the easiest ways to paint these up, so I created soupy/wash like paint mixtures and used them instead of full strength paint. The details while hard to paint were also loads of fun to paint. I had so much fun with the FW stuff, I yanked a few imperial advisors that have been gathering dust on my painting table and sploshed some color on them as well.

the Servitor mini came out a little differently than I expected. I wanted to keep him off-white in order for him to fit in with the rest retinue, and as a way to avoid the deep red normally associated with servitors. The tiny little dots of purple on his head were also a last minute addition. I like them, but afterwards they started reminding me of Admiral Akbar, the squid-like, general from Star Wars.


  1. All I see is General Akbar- It's a trap!

  2. Our cruisers can't repel firepower of that magnitude!

  3. Good lord those models came out very nice. Well done. Is there a Titan to go along with them?

  4. Ha - It's a trap!!!

    I agree that FW models can be a bit off putting when you look at them, but when you start they sure are fun to paint. Being resin and super detailed they tend to have loads of texture which the washes, and even basic drybrushing techniques can make look great.

    I love what you've done, they look really good, but what happened to the end of the carbine?

    The metallics on the Master of Ordinance are spot on - really nice work.


  5. They look really good, congrats!

  6. The end of the carbine broke off and is somewhere lodged in the carpet under my desk!

    Isn't akbar wearing a white outfit as well? My subconscious must of gotten the best of me on this one.

    Yes Virginia, there is a Titan. :)

  7. Impressive, looking forward to see what you will do with the titan. I really like the servitor, starwas or no starwars, the coloring fits the model.