Sunday, January 2, 2011

Astral Claws

In addition to a lovely FW Argus Lighter, my wife purchased a photo booth for me to use in updating this blog. It turns out my cell phone picts were not well received!

Since the Argus Lighter is for my Astral Claws army list, I thought I should give an AC paint scheme a try. I used very thinned down bolt gun metal, followed by chainmail line highlighting and a watery badab black wash for the metal portions. I did not want to use all metallics on the mini, so the gold was done with foundation yellow. I am not happy with how the mini turned out, both in terms of my painting skill or the methods used. I think the gold really needs to be metallic gold and the blue darker. I think I will use shaded grey instead of bolt gun metal for the body. My difficulty in painting metallics is one of the primary reasons my Grey Knights have never been completed.

Does anyone have a good recipe for astral claws that I could use?

I really enjoyed getting back into the swing of things last night, and even had some fun with the light booth. (hence the random chaos minis---or should I say Astral Claw allies!)


  1. I got a photo booth for Christmas, I am still working on getting the images to look good.

    I think your Astral Claw mini looks great as do the others.

  2. Which photobooth did you get? The pics look nice.

  3. The silver looks good to me, clean and bright. I think you're right on the gold and blue though. If you're using metallic silver, the metallic gold should then fit, and a deeper blue will add weight.

  4. I am not sure the brand of the photo booth, since I threw the box away almost immediately. It comes in a black carrying pouch, has two light sources, a stand for the camera, and a collapsable white tent thing.