Tuesday, February 1, 2011

WIP Techpriest

Since I had a bunch of resin bases, I needed something to put on them. A few minutes of rummaging, and voila, the techpriest I purchased ages ago for my IG. This guy got a really fast and sloppy paint job, so I have a lot of cleanup work and final highlighting to do, but as he is, I kind of like him. I've found that the older metal miniatures are weird in that they have both more detail, and worse castings. With plastics, the older models are just barren of detail.

So in game terms, does anyone use this guy in their army lists? Is there ever a reason to take one? In fluff terms I feel the need to paint up as many priests from Mars as possible, but they seem kind of weak in game. the problem with having this guy, and all of the advisors I recently painted is that I now want to field them!


  1. My best showing in a game for an Enginseer was against Necrons. I had attached the Enginseer to an Ogryn squad, they were in cover when charged by a squad of Necron Wraiths. In a couple turns of combat the Enginseer killed most of the Wraith squad. Of course the Necron Warriors slaughtered the rest of my Guard army but that is another story.

  2. I use mine pretty regularly, but I play a weird mixed list with lots of Sentinels, a few Chimera hulls, etc... So he and the Servitors hang back as another "linebacker" unit with power fists if they don't get to repair anything... Looks nice...

  3. Looks really good, but that mold line running down the front of the axe kills it for me :-(