Saturday, January 8, 2011

Imperial Guard Advisors

My new painting style does not fit very will with my existing guard, but I decided to keep experimenting with it just because. I painted up two Psykers. One of them is a Forgworld model that comes with the Hector Rex model. Some of the details are still not done, and I have no idea how to base them. Right now I am focussing on just having fun painting.

I've found a lot of different quality in the resin. Some of the models do not obey human anatomy very well. I wonder if this is just a case of old fw versus new fw. All of the newer models have been spot on.

I think it might be time to finally start the Krieg army. I am getting comfortable with making my own washes which seems to be a pre-requisite when working with resin kits.


  1. They look great all around. One question: I know you're pretty focused on quick paint jobs--are you spending more time on these models, or just perfecting methods to paint high quality at high speeds?

  2. These are still all about speed, though they are almost one-offs. I can paint 2-3 like this in an evening, so not as fast as regular troops, but still stpeedy!

  3. That's pretty impressive. At that rate, you should have all of your models painted within a decade or two!

  4. The one on the left is all "Hallowed are the Ori."