Thursday, July 6, 2017

Death Guard Daemon Prince WIP 2

This old finecast model is quickly becoming one of my favorite Death Guard models so far. Given that, I figured it would be interesting to post a photo of the model before I add the orange rust. I think the large orange rusty blade is going to add a tremendous amount of contrast and interest. I wanted to share the photo with you guys before the big reveal. (too much HGTV with my wife!)


  1. Wow..... Just amazing. I remember this guy from the Medusa V campaign. Can't wait to see him finished.

    1. I know nothing about the model or the campaign. I just bought it at some point and squirreled it away. Does the model have a name? Was this a special character?

    2. He was in the image on the front of the campaign book. The Medusa V campaign saw the introduction of the Cities of Death rules and buildings and the Vostorian Firstborn.

    3. Wow, I didn't know voystroyan were contemporaneous to this sculpt. I love the Voystroyan models.