Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ultramarines Land Raider Prometheus

As promised, here are some shots of my Land Raider Prometheus coming together. Sometimes unpainted forgeworld porn is ok right?

At this point I am only partway through cleaning the FW bits, but I had to glue the main body together. Already I can see the impact finecast has had on me. FW resin is delicate and brittle, Finecast is flexible and forgiving. I've already had to fix pieces I damaged inadvertently while building. On the other hand, the FW resin is just beautiful.

So I know I need to paint the thing, but as I alluded to the in whole 'FW =porn' statement earlier, I am just enjoying the model as is. This is unusual for me, as I rarely appreciate an unpainted model. It is through the act of painting that it somehow becomes real to me. In this case, I just like playing with it as is. (By playing I mean that I sit and marvel at its design, not actually gaming with an unpainted model!)

So the point of this rambling is that I should be painting, but I really just like looking at it, imagining what it could look like. This does give me the opportunity to ask if Sgt Chronos is wearing anything even close to heresy era. This has to be his ride!

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