Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cassius Assault Ram, LR Proteus, And Two Old Rhino Chasis

I still haven't painted an Ultramarine as part of this force, but I have started painting my LR proteus, the Cassius Assualt Ram, an original metal predator destructor, and another rhino.  It is really weird to have these many vehicles painted before I have even put down a base coat on a squad, but I am just enjoying painting them so much I don't want to stop.  The two OOP vehicles will probably get a green stripe with the ultramarines symbol on it in white. I'd like to honor the original owner, and it gives me a nice way to add a bit of color. I may add green stripes to the Ram as well, since I think it would be really cool to see the U symbol on top of something other than blue.

so does anyone else paint the way I do? Despite loving all these models, I still batch painted them. After the Mint-crons I was not planning on tackling another large army so soon, yet I find myself with the beginnings of one of the largest armies I have ever painted. Why did I wait 20 years to finally paint some Ultramarines?


  1. I also find that it is more interesting to paint vehicles than troops. I like your color for the ultra marines, it is a bit darker than usual which I like. It will be interesting to see this army take form, the last one was very impressive.

  2. I've found batch painting burns me out... though I can see an argument for it when you're doing vehicles with an airbrush. Vehicles become such a strongly visible part of the force, a unison look is something worth aiming for.

  3. Amazing work as always. Your stuff always inspires me and my painting. Also, I am so jealous of your paint station. lol

  4. I'd batch paint if I had a bigger force to do. Deathwing just don't lend themselves to it though.
    Nice work on those tanks.

    Ron, FTW

  5. Dave: For some reason not batch painting wears me out. I can't quite describe it, but I like large armies.

    Ron:I guess the weird thing is that I don't need to paint a large force. Most of these tanks will never see the table! It just feels right that my Ultras have a full complement of gear. They are the archetype marines, and deserve the best!