Sunday, February 12, 2012

Original Rhino, Predator, And Vindicator Refurb Pt 3

The transfers and base coats are done. Most of the details are not painted, but enough is done for me to see that this is the Ultramarines force I have always wanted. There are a lot of missing elements that will help tell the story. One of those is the stowage that I plan to add to each tank. I picked up some gauss to experiment with as well, which I hope will make one of the rhinos look like it is carrying a lot of stuff.  My plan is to build a replacement top hatch that has the equipment on it, which I can remove and use as objectives, or just have sitting separately. Another missing element is a deep warm red, which will be added by way of the sensor part of the spot light bit. I have all four of those ready for paint, and can't wait to add some warmth, and gloss to the model. Over all, I think this is not bad for a lazy Saturday!

I think I may want to enter this army in the Armies on Parade competition, but that makes my Herculean effort spent painting minty Necrons a wash. It also means I will have to build a new display board. Additionally the competition says that FW stuff is not allowed. Ideally I want to use my FW dreads, LR, and early mark troops, but I think that might be frowned upon.  In any case I plan to paint up a squad of scout bikers to add to the army.


  1. Hunter Killer missiles on every rhino eh? What does that come out to points wise? I play or used to play Chaos so we haven't been able to have Hunter Killer missiles since 2nd edition I think. The Havoc can be fun, but it can't kill armor, I've been going to experiment with mounting a combi-melta on a rhino but generally the troops inside can have a multi-shot melta cheaper and can shoot from inside or outside the rhino...

  2. The rules state the following regarding FW:
    "• Citadel, Forge World, and/or scratch built models and scenery only."

    So you'd be completely fine using FW stuff. Have at it, I say. These tanks are looking great and I want to see more : )


  3. These look spectacular Sir. I hope my vehicles look this good when I get mine done.

    Ron, FTW

  4. I really appreciate the kudos. These tanks are deceptively easy to paint recipe-wise. I am not even sure a few of the steps are necessary given the heavy dusting on the lower chassis.

    You are right Muskie, hunter killer missiles are pretty bad in game terms, especially at 10 points a pop, but I just love what they do to the silhouette of the old rhinos. I am adding the boxy looking search light as well on the opposite side, which gives the tanks a nice balance to my eyes.

    Dave, you just made my day! Now I have model ADD. All I want to do is jump right in to the FW stuff I have been hoarding. I have an armored LR Proteus already soaking in warm soapy water.

    Ron, I do recall something about us working on some armor together...

  5. these look amazing! would you mind posting a recipe or step by step for the weathering process?

  6. I'll post a step by step with the LR since it is such a beautiful model. The weathering is 'Dirt' simple. After carefully shading the lower hull portions I tear off a piece of an old blister sponge and dab chardon granite along most of the edges on the vehicle. I do a second pass with bolt gun metal, trying to concentrate where the granite is heaviest. After that I promptly spray over all that detail using heavily diluted graveyard earth in my air brush. That is it! The graveyard earth is semi-translucent when thinned, so it shades rather than covers, allowing detail to show through. One of the coolest effects is making sure a highly detailed transfer overlaps the area to be weathered. Once the weathering is done the transfer really sits back and looks like it is part of the model.

  7. Amazing! This is what I hope mine end up looking like when finished.

  8. Inspiring work! Have you pinned down a recipe for your infantry?

  9. No infantry recipe yet. All I know is that they need the same highlight color and the same dust on their feet!

  10. I had to overcome similar hurdles with my Imperial Fists but opposite. I had a quick, efficient formula for the infantry but I had to completely rethink my technique to paint the tanks and other armor.

    Good luck sir, I look forward to your updates!

  11. Absolutely gorgeous looking, how I wish I could produce something even close to looking that good.

    Cannot wait to see what more you have coming our way for this army.