Sunday, July 3, 2011

Heroes of Armageddon Steel Legion Devil Dogs

If you haven't seen Dave Taylor's blog then you need to head over there to see the majority of the Steel Legion Armor. These two Devil dogs are the missing pieces. Now that they are done, they are ready to be boxed up and shipped to him for inclusion in the final army. You may have noticed that these guys are not as beat up as the rest of the steel legion forces. My logic on that was that Devil dogs were not like chimeras, which get the blood washed out and reused. Devil Dogs explode. Post explosion there is likely very little left to refit.

These dogs have swappable gun barrels, as well as swappable hull mounted weapons. One of the hull mounted flamers came damaged, and the other was lost during painting, so no hull flamers included unfortunately.

I found the perfect box to ship these in to Dave. Wooden Balvanie single malt Scotch boxes are the perfect shape and size for two dogs back to back. These dogs are going to travel in style!

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