Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Half Priced Army

Like nearly everyone else on the planet I have been aware of ebay. Yet for 40k until recently I have not utilized it. It just seemed like too much trouble. A week ago I started purchasing on ebay. At first it was for OOP wolf scouts, wulfen, and other hard to find miniatures. Then it changed. Why should I have to decide between a space wolves army or an ultra marines army. Why not do both? I don't like mentioning money in general, but for the purpose of this entry I need to, especially since cost is a major reason people do not start new armies.

For $180 in purchases I was able to pick up:
  • 20 space marine bikes (including command squad)
  • 10 space marine tactical legs (I have loads of torsos, arms, heads, and backpacks)
  • 10 metal space marine scouts (including heavy bolter)
  • 10 terminators (I have loads of arms/heads/ heavy weapons etc)
If I were to buy these in a store, I would get all the nice bits that come with the kits, some models would not need to be stripped, and I would get to build them to my standard. However, I would also have to pay around $460. Additionally I would be stuck with plastic scouts, which I don't like very much.

$460 or $180?

go ebay!


  1. This is exactly what I do, it's more effort but its a quarter of the price which you can't argue with.

  2. Nice score on a large biker unit too, those are just too cost prohibitive on a retail level.

  3. There are a few things which you can get great deals for on e-bay, but others that you would do better just walking into a store and paying the small difference to save yourself the hassle.

    You have to be VERY careful when buying second hand miniatures as sometimes the quality is more than questionable. I admit I've done my fair bit of E-bay shopping, but I've also had some duff purchases (such as an IG griffon which upon arrival looked as though it had had about 7 layers of paint splashed on it).

    As always, be very particular and ask clear questions of the seller.

  4. I am really excited about the bikers and terminators, though you are right about potential quality issues. I'll be finding that out over the next weeks as stuff comes in. I think I'll put up some before and after paint stripping shots so everyone can see what the whole experience was like.

    fingers crossed!

  5. Drath-

    Ebay can be fun, but you have to bid against everyone I prefer Craigslist

  6. The barter bucket is probably a better place for me, but I am kind of a hoarder of 40k stuff so it is so hard to trade it away.