Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Updating Older Paint Jobs BA

When I started my Armies on Parade BA army I had a host of miniatures that did not quite fit the new style, but were also newer than my original dry brushed BA army. Since my Flesh Tearer miniatures took so well to a painting update I decided to give a little polish to my BA scouts and a 5 man sm assault unit. The updates included re-washing them for darker recesses, re-highlighting them, and then rebasing them so they were on the cooler colored bases rather than my warmer desert bases. All in all I think it was a pretty good experiment. I love the way the scouts came out, especially given that I have no desire to paint this particular kit again due to the weird arm proportions and heads. The Assault marines won't win awards, but I think they look pretty good. I can happily field these along with my new BA army. If I hadn't updated these, then I would not have the units to make a rational army list out of my AoP army. Since I had just painted units I liked rather than units necessary for a successful build, my force was highly skewed points wise.

Remember all the trouble I had with those Vanguard jump packs? If not then the short story is that one of my first Finecast(tm) purchases was the vanguard veterans squad, which had a lot of issues with the casting. The jump packs were terribly cast. At the urging of the store manager, and each of the store employees, I finally got around to taking the bad jump packs in so they could see them. The store happily replaced them. The horrible thing was that Bill had to open around 4 boxes of miniatures before we could get a set that was usable. He gladly did it, but I felt pretty bad for the store, and GW in particular. It was clear from what Bill and I saw, that one style of jump pack was simply the Destroyer of Molds(tm). We found bits of silicone embedded in multiple copies of the ornate jump pack. If you think about this, that means that GW must be racing around the clock replacing these molds as the jump packs destroy them.

The short version... Kudos to all the staff of the GW Springfield store. If I end up moving overseas I will genuinely miss the place.

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