Saturday, July 23, 2011

I don't know what army to paint next!

Chicago games day is just a week away, and while I wait for my family vacation to start. I find myself in a strange position. I have so many projects that I could potentially start, that I am not sure what to paint. Now that my BA are ready for Armies on Parade they feel kind of done. They could certainly use some more troops, a razor back, and the storm raven that sits partially built, but somehow having that display board filled up as it is now, makes them seem finished. Is there a viable force in the models I have paints? I have no idea. (any list help would be much appreciated)

Since I plan on shifting away from BA for a while, then I need to decide what army to commit to next. The next army I decide to paint I am going to go full bore on, using everything I learned painting the BA. I have two primary choices at the moment, Space Wolves and Ultramarines. I have already purchased, rummaged, traded for everything needed for both armies.

The first choice, the Ultramarines, allows me to paint all the stuff from the generic codex that I've never had a reason to paint. Scout bikers, LS storm, etc. Additionally I have all of the ultramarine special characters. The nid hunters look particularly fun to paint. For the army I plan to use all Pre-Heresy marines, which will lend a distinctive look to the force. The paint scheme plan is for a very clean application of ultra blue shaded down to very dark blue near the feet. Once the extreme shading is done, battle damage and brown dirt will be added. The idea is ultramarines after heavy engagements. Since a lot of PH fw units are used it could double as a pre-heresy army.

My second choice, the Space Wolves, have been seeing some ebay love since I just read The Fang(a must read by the way). I've been rounding up things like squads of wulfen, the limited release characters, and every metal SW scout I can get my hands on. I've already got a load of miniatures from the SW release, so no FW would be used here since the plastics are so nice. The SW let me do something entirely different, loads of free-hand. If I paint them dark, gritty and broken in the darker PH style I think they could look quite good. I've always liked muted pallets, which is what my SW scheme would be.

The only consistent theme between these two choices is that I really want cool colors paired with battle damage, and warm mud/grime/dirt. I want these to look like they have seen heavy fighting.

This is a good dilemma to have, but it does have me stalled in my painting since I love bulk painting.


  1. Go with the Space Wolves is where I would put my money and it's not because I play Space Wolves either. My reasoning is that you will be able to use the Vanilla Marine models for either expanding your Space Wolves or your Blood Angles with both their generic models and special characters (with some converting of course). If in the end you don't want to fill the ranks of either army you can always start working on the Codex Marines.

  2. I'd say Wolves, as well, mainly because I'd like to see how you tackle them. I don't like the grey that most people use (doesn't pop on the table top) or the baby blue (baby blue Vikings, really?!).

    So, I'm being completely selfish, here but my point is valid :)

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