Tuesday, July 12, 2011

HoA Devil Dogs And Scotch

May I present the Devil Dog carrying case. Now I know the Heroes of Armageddon Steel Legion winner is going to get a nice custom army bag, but until then, these dogs have found the perfect kennel. Balvanie Scotch port wood aged boxes are the perfect size to snuggly fit two hellhounds!


  1. The balvenie. Well played, sir.

  2. Nice work! Also, thanks for popping by my blog Adeptus Malaysia and saying hi!


  3. The Balvenie 21... Someone's a high roller. ;)

    To be honest if someone handed me that box and I opened it to find 40K models; I'd be sorely disappointed.

  4. @oni funny thing, fedex did not want to ship it because they said it would be stolen. The woman looked confused when I said I had packed two painted toy tanks inside it. Fortunately, it is now double wrapped and should be in Dave Taylor's hands tomorrow.

    @deathkorps I love your videos. Looking forward to more.

    I do like my Scotch. A nice Abelour would go great with my Cheetos right now.

  5. I don't always drink Scotch, but when I do, I drink Hellhound.

  6. We should get together over some Macallan 18 and throw some dice. ;)