Thursday, July 16, 2015

Quick Building Paint Test

Historicon starts today, so I won't have time to properly paint these buildings, but I thought I would lay down some quick airbrush work in order to see how the buildings might look on the table. I like it. The mold is a bit rough, but I think a cities worth of these buildings on the table is going to look really good. I might lighten the white up a bit, and add more blue to the slate roofs. Other than that, I plan to use, red, green, and blue as the trim colors. I am not sure about  straying from a white-ish tone for the plaster areas though. Normandy looks pretty consistent in that regard. The interior of this building is not painted (the floor is not even in), but once it is, I think it will be much more interesting. I plan to user period wallpaper and colors for the interior, so there will be bits of design and color showing through the windows and holes. I'll pay considerable more attending to painting the rest of the buildings. I just had to see one of them in color.

So what would you build with this many houses? Would you make any changes to the color scheme?

See you guys at Historicon!


  1. Wow...that looks so great. It's amazing how it just transforms into something you want to miss repeatedly with your IS-2.

    1. It is only 4 colors and a wash! I know it is a little raggedy, but I can almost visualize a table full of these buildings, surrounded by forests, river on one section, and an imposing bombed out church being used as a field hospital in the middle. It should make for a fun game. Especially if each player is in command of their own platoon, fighting on a different front. Who will reach the city center first?

    2. It's supposed to be raggedy! It's in the middle of a war!! :)

  2. Looks damn good to me