Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bolt Action Normandy Terrain WIP

I finished the mold for the roof, dormer, and chimney pieces yesterday and was able to cast up a bunch of buildings. The white resin makes it difficult to see the detail, especially the slate tiles on the roof sections, but I they do give a fair view of where the project currently sits. I've constructed 7 houses, and have 8 more all cast up, but not glued together. I am heading to Historicon tomorrow, so the houses will have to wait a bit before they are finished. What is next?

  • 2nd story floors
  • Roof beams for buildings suffering damage
  • drain pipes (copper weathering looks really good next to stone)
  • debris piles in corners of buildings
  • Furniture for some of the buildings
  • transparent plastic in some of the windows to simulate broken glass
  • Wallpaper inside buildings that have visible interior walls
  • finally painting. 

With 15 buildings base as part of the table, I think I need to add backyards, a canal, modern bridge, street lamps, telegraph poles, fountain, church, and some kind of suitably impressive administration building. I might even pair these buildings with my DKoK for the NOVA Narrative event. Of course in order to do that I'll have to get started painting my DKoK.

I'll be at Historicon through Sunday. If you want to say hi, stop by the Bolt Action tournament on Friday. My German Heer will be making an appearance. 


  1. Would you be open to casting some of those buildings for sale? Or are the molds already "done"? Really like the work that you show here. Keep it up!

    1. I'd be happy to sell some. I made the model for myself, so it is a bit rough. Should they be sold painted or unpainted? How many are you talking about?