Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cast Buildings For City Fights

Historicon was a blast. I'll have a whole post dedicated to it coming up shortly. There are just too many photos for me to edit right now. Suffice to say, the terrain at Historicon is leaps and bounds beyond what we normally see at conventions. All of that beautiful terrain fired me to up paint up the rest of the test casts to see what the village could look like. A normal order of operations would be to finish building the model before adding painted floors and details, but I just wanted to see them. This will make finishing the interior walls a little tricky, but I'll manage.

The blockiness of the structures has me a little concerned. I have loads more dormers to add, which will help a little, as well as little addition to go on the back, which add doors and steps into the buildings. However, I think these will come into their own when backyards are added. I am tempted to make the backyard part of the terrain piece itself, since that will allow some fun modeling activities. On the other hand, it will constrain where the pieces can be used. I still need to model up the shop window to the long buildings. That converts them a bit and breaks out the outline some. After that corner shops are in the queue

Of course NOVA is fast approaching, and I have not even built the army yet. Maybe I should take care of that. I suppose I could reuse an older army for the NOVA Narrative event though. That would allow me to focus on some display pieces and the corresponding terrain to go with them.


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    1. I can't wait to have them usable in game. I've got some interior brick sections for the damaged buildings as well as some 28 mm scale furniture to add to them. They are a little weird to be lacking stairwells though.

  2. John...these look absolutely amazing, especially as a group. I really like them. You've done a fab job! Going to make for some awesome games!

    Now, get working on your nova army so I can krump it!

  3. Thanks guys. I started on my DKoK last yesterday in preparation with NOVA. Unfortunately, the miniatures require a huge amount of effort. I managed to put together only 6 Death Riders out of the 31 I need for my screening force.Lots of green stuff will be needed to fill gaps as well. Maybe I should paint up Dark Angels or something. That would require far fewer models. I think my DKoK have another 70 infantry models in the list. That does not include the 3 tanks 9 artillery pieces or the centaur carriers. I might have bitten off more than I can chew here.

    1. I have some experience with DKOK. They are very delicate models. As you mention, lots of gaps to fill. Tough to paint and get all the details done quickly. I wish you the best of luck!

    2. Thanks Tim. I am struggling with their fragility. I always wanted them to be my primary army, which is why I waited so long to attempt them. I'd really like them to be something special to see at the nova, but they are going to be 25% gap filler and replacement parts at this point. They are beautiful though.