Monday, April 27, 2015

Splinter Camouflage Test

Not all tests work out. Usually I don't post up failed painting examples, however this time I think it might be worth it. After a week of diamond mining in Arkansas, I wanted something fun an challenging to paint when I got back. the C-47 model came with a dozen figures perfect for paint tests, so I grabbed one and gave splintered Camouflage a try. (this is only about 30 minutes of painting, so it is a little sloppy) Five colors later, and I had this. I think with proper glazing this could work, which is why I posted the attempt. The next model will start with a shaded base coat before the dots and splotches are added. I think that will help out substantially, since  it will give me a guide tfor highlighting later. After applying most of the dots, I found it difficult to see the curves of the surface.

All things considered, I don't hate the attempt. I think I am beginning to understand the pattern more. I am definitely not ready to tackle my DKoK with a splinter scheme.


  1. John,
    Can you get any larger images up? It's a bit hard to see the effect at this thumbnail scale. It looks pretty good in the thumbnail though! (first shot especially)

    1. added two more photos. I am having a hell of a time trying to get good photos of these miniatures!

    2. Ahh! Now I see the effect. Well if it's blending in to the surroundings, I guess you did a really good camo effect :).

    3. I'm really not sure. Miniature photography is always hard, but this is nuts. Maybe I damaged my camera while on vacation.

    4. Don't know what type, but if DSLR, check to see if it's got a sensor cleaner setting. If non DSLR, check the lens. Probably just a bit dirty!