Monday, April 6, 2015

Sons of Orar Bone Basing

 Step 0: Prime Black
Step 1: Base coat with Steel Legion Drab (SLD)
 Step 2: Shade panels with Zandri Dust (ZD). Make sure to leave SLD showing in places.
 Step 3: Shade panels with Screaming Skull (SS). When shading make sure that as many dark edges meet light edges. 

Step 4: Mix a weathering powder wash using Secret Weapon Miniatures Green Earth Pigment (GEP).  Add enough thinner to the water/powder mixture that surface tension is broken so the pigment flows easily.

The last step is to neatly edge the bases using Steel Legion Drab.


  1. Really nice tutorial John! You can really see the effects of making sure you have contrast between edges. Really makes the bases pop!

    1. Thanks Greg, I really appreciate that. I

    2. I appreciate it too, because as someone who is constantly learning new techniques and trying to apply them, great tutorials with photos really help to drive in the light/dark painting...which you really have to fight with when you are first trying to adapt it!