Saturday, April 4, 2015

Floor Mats for Fields

After a great game of Bolt Action with the first showing of my 101st Airborne Division, I thought it was time to make a few more fields. (If you want to read a really good write up about the game, and even see a cool animation of me dropping scale parachutes to determine troop deployment go visit Steve's blog)

As before, these fields were made out of a Home Depot dark grey rubber floor mat, that was first sprayed brown using Krylon paint. Each row received a a first pass of colored static grass, followed by either green flock, or more static grass. I am getting pretty close to the point where I need to start making proper bocage to intersperse between the fields. Fields provide nothing rules-wise, but they really add to the visual appeal of the table.


  1. Brilliant idea. Simple but very effective

  2. They look great, fantastic job!

  3. Lovely job. I used rubberised horsehair to make bocage. Make sure you get your bocage correct. Hardly any bocage has stone in and it is documented as being twice the height of a Sherman tank in places. It needs to be thick and made up of mostly trees no hedge row. Good luck.

    1. That is good to know. I was going with mounds of dirt with hedges. I'll tree it up instead! (though some hedges are necessary for game play.)