Monday, July 15, 2013

Warhound Now With Purity Seal Spotting

The main leg portions were finished last night, and while waiting for the them to dry I tried out the colors on the armor segments. The green area on the right shoulder and the left knee will have white stripes. The head armor will be white as well.

The bad news is that my purity seal left spots of white all over the legs. I have not been able to get these off. I've tried white spirit, gloss varnish etc. At this point I am going to paint the rest of the titan and touch up the white spots by hand. They soil the really nice look of the legs, but want to get this guy 99% complete before touch ups.

Tonight I plan to paint the power weapons on the NOVA Charitable Foundation Deathwing terminators and do their basing. Next week is the GW springfield store's birthday celebration, and one squad and the LR will be entered into the painting competition. If you want to see them up close next week is your opportunity.


  1. The white dots are dried pellets of varnish that were trapped in the spray nozzle. Clear the nozzle by spraying a little out of it before spraying your model. When finished spraying your model turn the can upside down and spray a little out to clear it (not on the model tho).

  2. Alternatively, it can be due to humidity or dust particles in the air. Heat can also cause this problem (very likely at this time of year) as the varnish dries in the air before it reaches the miniature. Spray in a cool, dark place with good ventillation if you can. But do what anon suggested as well. I invert and spray my cans after every session in which they see use.

  3. I feel your pain. i was betrayed by krylon a while ago after many years. They changed their clear coat and ti frosted without warning, inconsistently, no matter the environmental conditions. I switched to vallejo just short of a year ago and have had no complaints. Good with a brush and through the air brush too.

  4. You guys are right. Those pellets can be scraped off. I think with a boat load of patience, I will be able to remove the worst of it. The rest will get rust streaks near them.