Sunday, July 28, 2013

Games Day Sons of Horus Command

Games day was really chill this year. No speed painting, noisy games, and thankfully only a single waaaagh. Three redemption of the fallen painters were present, mike cho, Dave Taylor, and myself. It was particularly cool that Dave picked up another demon. Mike continued his painting slacking this year entering nothing. I regret not pulling something from my display shelf, but there is always next year. The quieter atmosphere was really nice for those of us who wanted to focus on the painting.

Memphis is BBQ central, so food and drink are fantastic. I think I may try to arrange an after party next year. My wife and I hung out in the hotel bar with gw staff for a while, but an organized event would be fun.

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Location:Beale St,Memphis,United States


  1. Good that y'all got together. I'm concerned a little that they'll discontinue Games Day..and your report leaves me to believe that my concerns are valid. That said, Games Day hasn't been really good since 2009. 2007 was the last really great year IMO but 2008 and 09 were ok.

    I'm out of town until Aug 7th but I'd love to get together sometime on the 10th for mini-hand off and a possibly a game.

  2. I really enjoyed this version of games day. It was really chill, and gave me a great hobby fix. I had time to really see the miniatures, which was always a struggle before. I am definitely going back next year.

  3. I was paint slacking again this year, but I still had a good time. It was pretty relaxing this year. Being able to leave the convention for some amazing dry rub ribs and lamb, then coming back to finish off GD! BTW, I'm still dreaming about having more of that soul food lol.

    Don't forget to mention that we made ANOTHER bet this year....your and your wife along with my friend Greg and I have to enter something next year. Any category. Looser buys a titan :D j/k.