Sunday, July 7, 2013

Redemption of the Fallen WIP 3

The light was really good this morning, so I thought I would snap a few photos of the Land Raider.
The tank is magnetized to make Godhammer, crusader or redeemer variants, though I am only showing two in these photos. Another round of chipping is in order, but only on the green areas. Basically those need to show chipped tan paint underneath. Outside of that I am getting ready to stick a fork in this and call it done.

We are trying to raise money for Doctors Without Borders through the Nova Charity Foundation.  If you follow that link you can enter to win.


  1. Absolutely beautiful work, man! That is fantastic.

  2. Great work! I was wondering what colours you used for the 'bone',I'd like to try and replicate it for my Deathwing. Cheers.

  3. Looks great mate - the green really makes the model.

  4. The bone is as follows:

    black base coat
    steel legion drab
    rakarth flesh
    ushabti bone